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The phrase "Holy Grail" has many meanings and can be interpreted in many ways.  One of the many dictionary references shows the definition as " any ultimate, but elusive, goal pursued as in a quest".


For many years Lonnie and his family would compete with each other as to who could make the best wine.  Each year Lonnie would win that honor.  People would say his wine was the "Holy Grail of Wine".

This is where our name comes from.

Sohn's Winery
Hermann, Missouri 1868

Pictured is Lonnie's Ancestors from Sohn's Winery,  before  prohibition.  The picture below is Lonnie's  family 150 year old basket press that Lonnie and his family used to make wine over the years and similar to what we use today . It is now displayed at it's final resting place  at Holy Grail Winery's tasting room.

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