This is a wonderful story.

 We have the pleasure of meeting the most interesting and wonderful people.  We always say to ourselves "you never know who is going to walk in the door",  We would have never guessed that "Wine Expert, Musician, Columnist and 1st Director for Milan, Italy's "Guiseppe Verdi" Symphony Orchestra, John Axelrod would visit Holy Grail Winery as a tourist.    We would have never known that he would write a column about our Norton Reserve,wine, until we received a phone call from Cathy Herigon, who said her family were flying in from Luxembourg Europe, they had read a column in Europe about Holy Grail Winery and it was the one thing they wanted to do while visiting Missouri.  John Axelrod writes " The Wines from this Vineyard are among Americas Best"  

It was a honor to have John Axelrod and these lovely people all the way from Luxembourg Europe visit us!   Pat Eugene Ferny & Cathy.

Below is the Column by John Axelrod

Translation courtesy A.M Mallinckrodt