​​​​​​​​​​  If you want to experience quality wines with the highest quality European chocolates, you will love this unique experience learning the art & science of matching wine & chocolate together .

Belgian Dark Chocolate Cups

​​Step up to our Chocolate Bar and try this wonderful combination of Belgian Dark Chocolate Cups, filled with Norton Raspberry wine, or Chocolate Raspberry Port.

​​​Chocolate wine glasses


Holy Grail Wine Glasses dipped in Chocolate & sprinkled with Old Vine Zinfandel or Chocolate Raspberry Port Sea Salt Crystals......

The Art of Wine & Chocolate  

Chocolate & Wine Tasting is closed for the season and will return next year.  You can still purchase chocolates by the box or by the piece.  August, September & October is our busiest time and wine quantity's are limited.   Thank you!

Chocolate covered strawberry's

Infused with Cream Sherry, ChocolatePort or Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge....

"Pair chocolate with the right wine, to create an unforgettable experience".

Chocolate & Wine tasting