Lonnie, started making wine at the age of 22.  Wine making has been in his family since the 18th century.  Lonnie also made wine in Europe while he was stationed there in the Army.  Over the years he has produced the most sought after Norton wine in the state of Missouri.  He is a small producer and believes in quality wines, not commercial quantity's.  

"Our wines are all reserve wines, limited quantities.  All wines are aged in Missouri Oak Barrels using old world European traditions of wine making.  Grapes are hand picked.  These are traditions used by my ancestors which I incorporate today".  ​Our motto is Making the way it was done centuries ago.


Sohn's Winery Herman Missouri 1868.  Lonnie's Ancestors.  Holy Grail Winery's Wine Label.

Holy Grail any ultimate, but elusive, goal pursue as in a quest.
"Success is no accident .  It is hard work, perseverance, learning studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do".  - Peli

We would like people to know, having our own winery has been a dream come true.  We take nothing for granted, it has been a long hard road to get here.  Nothing has been handed to us.  We have accomplished this with hard work, sacrifice, determination and many long hours of never ending work.